HMRC Investigation


Continuing developments in technology and legislation have increased HMRC officers’ scope of powers to visit premises and inspect financial records, driving the number of investigations to a record high.

We have a team of tax enquiry specialists who have a wealth of experience dealing with all kinds of tax investigations, tax enquiries, and conflicts with HM Revenue and Customs.

HMRC Investigations & Enquiries Services

We can deal with HMRC directly, taking the pressure off and leaving you to focus on your main priority - your business. Our experience includes, dealing with corporate tax, personal tax, VAT compliance checks and let property campaign.

Anyone who has been the subject of a tax enquiry knows it is rarely a pleasant experience. S&Y Accountants will help you resolve it quickly with the minimum of disruption to your daily life. 

- What triggers a tax enquiry?

HMRC collates data from tax returns, existing assets, social media, overseas bank accounts, third parties, and a great many other sources. This data is then analysed to find out anomalies. Spot-check notifications to a random sample of taxpayers can also be issued. This means you can become subject to a tax enquiry even if you’ve fulfilled all the statutory requirements. Whatever the reason for the enquiry, you’ll be investigated in the same way.

- What does a tax enquiry involve?

Tax enquiries come in many varieties – an aspect enquiry, a full enquiry, a discovery enquiry, and a fraud investigation to name a few. Each enquiry requires you to take slightly different actions, but in all cases you will need to disclose sensitive information regarding your financial affairs.

How S&Y Accountans can help

Tax enquiry advice

Our tax enquiry advice service can:

Help you gain a clear understanding of the enquiry process;

Shield you from the pressure of the process by acting as a buffer between you and HMRC;

Progress your tax enquiry quickly and effectively;

Disclose information to HMRC discretely;

Demonstrate your compliance or intent to comply;

Negotiate a fair and favourable settlement;

Represent you at a tax tribunal or recommend specialist legal advice if needed.

Your first step after receiving enquiry notification

It is vital that you act promptly and correctly by immediately seeking professional assistance. There are strict deadlines for providing information to HMRC and failure to comply may result in significant financial penalties.

Get in touch with our tax team if you’ve received notification of a tax enquiry.

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