Business Forecasting


The processes involved in keeping your financial information up to date can be complex and time-consuming. However, this information is necessary for financial forecasts and planning.

S&Y Accountants offer business forecasting services in Ilford,Essex, and throughout the UK for small and medium-sized businesses.

Let our chartered accountants help you to understand your business’ financial landscape so that you can begin to effectively plan for the future.

Our Business Forecasting Services

We can help you plan for the future with our business forecasting service. Our service includes:

- Market Analysis 

We’ll identify the trends impacting your business performance, outlining any opportunities and threats.

- Cashflow Analysis

Fully integrated cash flow analysis to help you plan for the future.

- Strategic Planning

We’ll help you manage your finances as your business grows, allowing for future planning and forecasting.

- Business Planning

We’ll help you to plan for recruitment, expansion and increased capacity effectively, adhering to budgets.

Benefits of Having a Cashflow Forecast:

One way of making sure that a business has as much control as possible is by putting together a business forecast. Planning for the future helps clarify your long-term strategy and identifies the resources you need to keep your business on track.

Putting together a cash flow forecast allows a business to anticipate high and low points in its cash balance.

  • It provides businesses with a useful way of anticipating any downturns in their cash balance
  • It helps businesses to decide when it is ready or not ready to take on any additional financial commitments
  • It helps plot steady, sustainable business growth
  • It helps avoid the dangers of overtrading

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